Liquid Insights Tour in the press

Liquid Insights in Modern Restaurant Management

Check out this summary of trends from the tour.

Liquid Insights in Tasting Panel Magazine

Explore wine and cocktail trends.

Dive deeper into the latest wine trends

Read about Liquid Insights in CHILLED magazine’s latest Bartender’s Guide to Wine special section.

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Liquid Insights on Kansas City’s Only Podcast

Kansas City Magazine Editor-in-Chief Martin Cizmar sits down with Brian Masilionis from Southern Glazer’s Wine & Spirits to discuss findings from the Liquid Insights Tour.

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Liquid Insights on 98.1fm KMBZ Radio

Join Brian Masilionis from Southern Glazer’s Wine & Spirts has he shares the latest wine and cocktail trends on the popular “Midday with Jayme & Grayson” show on KMBZ.