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Served Up - The Podcast highlights conversations on topics like advocacy, entrepreneurship, and belonging with food & beverage industry and social justice thought leaders representing our diverse hospitality community.

Served Up recorded live at WSWA Access Live in Las Vegas

Served Up, recorded live at the 2023 WSWA Access Live event, features visionary leaders who are reshaping the beverage landscape. From brand founders to creators of extraordinary brand experiences and more these episodes delve into the stories behind these change makers, exploring innovation and creativity driving evolution in the beverage industry.  Served Up aims to ignite curiosity and celebrate individuals who are changing the game in the world of beverages, inspiring others to push boundaries and create their own mark.

Served Up Podcast: Andy Seymour

Recent episodes

Jenna Murray

Jenna Murry, Sidecar's Account Director of Trade Advocacy, shares some insightful conversation on forging meaningful connections in the beverage industry. Join us as we explore the importance of being a great trade advocate, and the strategies behind building strong partnerships in the world of spirits.

Ivy Mix & Lynette Marrero

Ivy Mix & Lynnette Marrero, founders of the Speed Rack bartending competition and authors of "A Quick Drink: The Speed Rack Guide to Winning Cocktails for Any Mood", share stories behind the drinks in their newly released first book as well as the heartwarming impact of their initiative.

Serafin Alvarado

Serafin's story serves as a not-unfamiliar roadmap for many of the most successful professionals in the hospitality sphere, as it weaves through many different geographies and disciplines including music, chemistry, the hotel business, and more on the road to joining one of the elite wine professional associations in the world.

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Bridget Albert

Senior Director of External Communications & CSR

Julie Milroy

Vice President Supplier Development and Marketing

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