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Served Up - The Podcast highlights conversations on topics like advocacy, entrepreneurship, and belonging with food & beverage industry and social justice thought leaders representing our diverse hospitality community.

Bridget Albert talks about Served Up
Served Up promotes diversity and inclusion at the WSWA Access Live conference

Served Up the Podcast recently interviewed diverse, women-led and veteran-owned spirits and wines at the WSWA Access Live conference. The conference provided an opportunity for brands to showcase their products and connect with industry leaders. Served Up focused on highlighting the stories behind these brands and the individuals who run them, shedding light on the unique challenges and triumphs they face as entrepreneurs in the beverage space. By bringing these voices to the forefront, we not only promote diversity and inclusion within the industry but also offer valuable insights into the world of spirits and wines that might otherwise go unnoticed. We hope you enjoy these inspiring episodes!

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Bridget Albert

Senior Director of External Communications & CSR

Julie Milroy

Vice President Supplier Development and Marketing

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Read banned books

Why read a banned book? Books expose us to new perspectives and ideas and educate readers on diverse topics, experiences, and cultures. Banning a book is a form of censorship that restricts the freedom of ideas and attempts to silence the communities reflected in their stories.  As a platform for diverse voices, Served Up has selected a few recently banned books to add to our Book Club in an effort to create awareness for these authors and their stories, with the hopes our listeners consider adding them to their reading lists. 

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Creating distribution opportunities for diverse brands

Our Incubator Academy is an online education platform that provides diverse- and women-owned brands in the wine, spirits, CBD and non-alcohol beverage industry unprecedented free access to foundational business learning to increase their potential for commercial success.

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Supporting hospitality workers

We support CORE because we want to be there for the people in our industry who are always there for us.

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