A collection of colorful book covers on cocktail recipes, featuring eight books by Kim Hassarud and Alexandra Grablewski in the 101 series.

An interview with Kim Haasarud

Southern Glazer’s Bridget Albert talks to Kim Haasarud about her 101 cocktail book series.


Celebrated author and cocktail expert Kim Haasarud shares her passion for fresh cocktails and beautiful garnishes.


Tell our readers about your 101 cocktail books.


Each book of the books in the 101 series centers around a single drink concept – Margaritas, Martinis, Frozen Drinks, Sangrias, Shots, Tropical Drinks, Mojitos & Muddled Drinks and Champagne Cocktails.


What is your cocktail creation philosophy?


I’m a huge proponent of using garden-fresh ingredients.  In developing the drinks for the books, I would take trips to my local farmer’s markets and build drinks around the fresh, seasonal ingredients.  If you start with good ingredients, it’s easy to build a tasty cocktail.


How can you easily make a cocktail, keep it consistent and deliver it fast for a large event?


Batching makes it easy to execute many cocktails in a short amount of time and be consistent. Scale up the recipe into gallons and be sure to add 25% water.  Keep refrigerated until ready to serve.  For our large events off-site, we use beverage dispensers.


What is your favorite garnish and why?


I have so many favorite garnishes…anything that looks and makes the cocktail beautiful.  What I don’t like is a garnish that is a weak attempt to just add it to add it, like a limp mint sprig or slightly old lime garnish.  Yuck!  A good garnish should be fragrant and add a touch of beauty and aromatics to the drink.   For example, we use florals, fresh herbs, dried fruits, and even edible toppers like butterflies!


Leave us with a toast!


Here’s to good friends,

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