Combatting the risks of underage drinking through education

Alcohol is the most widely used substance among America’s teens and young adults. Most teens try alcohol without fully understanding the negative developmental impacts, health risks, and legal implications.

Funding science-based education for teens


Established in 2016 by Southern Glazer’s, the Youth Alcohol Awareness and Education Foundation, Inc. funds programs that support underage drinking prevention.


With support from the Foundation, the AlcoholEdu for High School program developed by leading technology company EverFi is available at no cost for public and private high schools in South Florida, Dallas, Texas, and Metro New York. 
AlcoholEdu for High School is a 90-minute, interactive course that engages students with science-based alcohol education and interactive exercises, providing an individualized experience that changes perceptions, motivates behavior change, and supports healthier decisions regarding alcohol.

Impacts of alcohol awareness


For the most recent 2021-2022 school year, the program saw significant increases in reach and impact. After having completed the Southern Glazer’s-sponsored course, students’ knowledge gain scores increased by 31%, from 67% to 89%, compared to the 28% average increase of national student scores.


Since the kickoff of Southern Glazer’s program in 2017, the initiative has impacted: 24,151 students, more than 186 high schools, and 22.2k hours of learning.


Knowledge gains after taking the course


Students who have taken the course


Number of high schools participating