Domaine & Estates Artisanal Wines

This division is dedicated to discovering unique wines of excellent quality with limited availability and production.  We then share our discoveries with customers through an authentic, white-glove experience, from the cellar to seller. 

From their farm to your wine list, meet some of our coveted brands

Laura DePasquale Master Sommelier, SVP, Sales & Commercial Operations, Artisanal Wine

Wine feeds our soul. Domaine & Estates brings the capabilities of a large company to the edge of the vineyards so we can bring some of the most iconic and beautiful wines to the doors of our customers. It’s an extraordinary opportunity and a privilege to be able to work with and represent multigenerational families and some of the most iconic wine producers in the world.

A sales team perfectly paired with your business

James Lechner

General Sales Manager, Domaine & Estates Artisanal Wines


"I am endlessly enamored with the ever-changing nature of wine, both in the market and in the glass – it’s truly a limitless, lifelong study!"


Jessica Riggio Baldo

Senior Sales Director, Domaine & Estates Artisanal Wines


“What a privilege to be able to sell these wines. They are the best of the best. I am proud to represent these fine wines for the leading wine and spirits distributor in the U.S.”

Emma McKay

Vice President of Sales, Domaine & Estates Artisanal Wines, California


“I grew up tasting and smelling wine with my parents. They taught me to open my mind to discovering what the wine had to offer in terms of its smell, how it looked and of course how it tasted.  No matter the wine there was always a story.  Remembering that there is more to wine than an appellation and a price tag is what makes me love it.  Wine is truly a great connector!” 

Leah Moorhead

Director of Sales, Domaine & Estates Artisanal Wines, Texas


"I love wine because it brings people together. Wine is people, places, farming, and emotion all in one glass…a life pursuit that is equally vast and specific."





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Domaine & Estates Artisanal Wines is currently operating in WA, CA, TX, and FL and will be rolling out to new markets in 2022. If you’re a discerning wine buyer looking to access some of the world’s most unique brands for your restaurant, bar, or boutique wine shop, we want to hear from you.